Locus Logic can work with you to keep your Legacy equipment working even when software and hardware is no longer available. Locus Logic has implemented modern solutions to help keep old equipment still functioning.

In the cases when hardware fails and replacement parts are no longer available, we have used a couple of approaches to get the equipment operating again.

  • If the source code is available, we migrated the source code to work in a more updated environment. Linux is very useful in situation like this due to is adaptability and support for numerous hardware environments. We created interfaces in both software and hardware such that the new equipment integrates seamlessly into the remaining components of the existing equipment.
  • If the source code is not available, we have migrated the binary applications to a virtual environment that runs in a newer software and hardware environment. As before, we created the customized interfaces that allow the new components to integrate with the original components still working.

Maybe nothing is broken. You just need more capabilities added to the equipment. Maybe you need to collect manufacturing data and feed it back into your Quality Management System. We can implement industry proven data collection tools, and feed the data into any form of reporting format/protocol desired (i.e. MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Excel, SQLite, RS-232/RS-422, XML, and etc.) Maybe you just want to connect the equipment to a network such that data can be exchanged easier. Locus Logic can help you with any of these items.

Give a call and lets us see if we can help you solve your dilemma, or offer suggestions.