Locus Logic SkyDac

Remote Data Acquisition and Control

SkyDac Base Station

The Locus Logic SkyDac system is designed to provide data acquisition and control in those situtations where direct wiring is not cost effective or feasable. It is intended for a variety of applications including:

The SkyDac system consists of a SkyDac base station along with one or more remote sensor stations. The remote sensor stations communicate with the base station using a 2.4 GHz ZigBee radio communications medium. Contact us to see how SkyDac can be used for your wireless applications.

The SkyDac base station connects to the internet via cable or wireless and permits acquisition and control from anywhere on the internet with a standard web browser.

Data stations may be configured with a web browser for:
For those difficult or unusual sensor requirements, the SkyDac Virtual Sensor is available.