With the vast amount of completely different Point of Sale (POS) systems to choose from, you can become overwhelmed and very frustrated. After all, POS software can have a dramatic affect on the efficiency and success of your business, and you don't want to make a mistake!!

The truth is... Choosing retail POS software is very difficult, and requires an in-depth knowledge of computers, networking, software features, retail management and much more.

Let Locus Logic guide you through the selection process, installation, and training so you can focus on your core business!!!

We are not associated with any specific POS vendor, so we can customize a system specifically for your business at a cost much lower than a vendor representing only one POS application.

We have helped some retailers that went through 2, 3 or even 4 different POS systems before they contacted us. Mistakes can be costly!!! Whether you're in the restaurant business or retail business, finding the right POS information you need before buying any unit is essential. Learn what POS system we suggest for your particular type of business.

Below are some guidelines of the typical system components costs.

As you can see, configuring these to work efficiently and reliably can be time consuming and costly.

While a POS system can involve a significant up front investment, there are many benefits to having a POS system installed. You will enjoy the the improved customer satisfaction, inventory tracking, cash flow reporting, increased productivity, and record keeping. Let Locus Logic help you make the most of your POS purchase... With a POS system, besides just ringing up transactions, you will be able to make payments, manage inventory, and print summary reports. Sales can be sorted and organized by day, by product, by cashier or by the hour. You can easily print labels, price tags, or menus. In some POS applications, databases can be linked to supplier databases to manage and order inventory.

Without a POS system, the required bookkeeping records will be difficult to collect and maintain. A POS system will save you the time of collecting all the paper work you are obligated to retain. No matter if you are managing one store, ten stores, or a hundred you will see a benefit to having a POS system installed.

The software choices depend on what is right for your business. We have worked with a variety of small businesses like retail stores, food service, and musical instrument instruction.

Contact us to learn more how we can help with your POS system needs.